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Sunday, 18 March 2018

India vs Bangladesh! Nidahas Trophy Final

This match was very amusing!

India Wins! 

You can't ask for a better finish, can you? A team without the likes of Dhoni, Kohli, Bumrah, Bhuvi has clinched the Nidahas Trophy in the most dramatic manner you can ever imagine.
Image result for Dinesh Karthik
Dinesh karthik 
 Dinesh Karthik is rightly the man of the moment and deserves all the praise. Along with that, Washington Sundar also deserves a lot of credit for consistently delivering those frugal overs in the Powerplay. 

He has to be the biggest takeaway of the series. A disappointing end for Bangladesh but they can hold their heads high. They were in the match till the last ball and put India under pressure. All in all, the tournament featured a lot of close matches (and some off-field drama too). 

Rohit Sharma, India captain says - 

"Brilliant game, brilliant for the crowd too. Want to thank the Sri Lankan crowd for coming out and supporting us. Great tournament for us. A young bunch of lads - a lot of learning, we always knew that they had the talent but it was about execution and they will get confidence from this tournament. These games are high-pressure games and it isn't easy. Quite easy to lead them, played with most of them. Very happy for Dinesh Karthik. I wanted one of the experienced campaigners to stay at the end and that's why I held DK back. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. "

That's all we have for you today though. This is Devdutt Kshirsagar signing off on the behalf of my colleague Amit Banerjee. Goodbye! 

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Awesome Hack Tools - Clash of Clans! STOP!

Into The Clash World!

Clash of clans – damn this game! A game being played by almost every friend of mine!
I think the majority of the readers here would already be familiar with it. For those who don’t, it is a strategy theme designed game for mobile devices. Addictive and far time-consuming game that creates a funny cracking sensation that is present in every similar game.
I’ve been through this game years ago in my life and I did enjoy playing it. Now that the game went under so many new shitty updates, that I just left it… I had too!

How to Trick – Weedsites

Anyway, there are a ton of sites tricking on people that they have the hack for Clash of Clans! Now wait; Don’t go for searching online or waste your time on it. There is simply no way to do it! I myself have wasted hours searching for a similar hacking tool, which doesn’t exist.
Attractive Banners – Everyone gets their attention!

Let us try!

Even though you might have tried a hacking tool or not, one thing you’ll all have noticed would have been that after you tell them all the information, i.e. What is your username and platform. This is how it might look like:
Then, they ask you to submit the value resources you want to generate for your account. And guess what? This can be as much as you want!:

After this, they say it is loading and generating gems… please wait.
And finally ask you for a survey, for ‘human verification’ is what they say. Now firstly, that survey can’t be completed. It’s just a trick to fool the users and let them go through a bunch of links acting as a way of advertisement. And there is a very… the pretty much extremely rare case that the survey worked, but it won’t give you any positive result. And that’s it, you’ve wasted your time. CONGRATS! That page looks somewhat like:

If they don’t ask you for a survey, there must be something else like a pin code or share their website. I found a similar once:

Now which sites so such madness? Well almost every site that comes up when you Google for
Clash of clans hack tool
free gems generator online
or as simple as:
clash of clans free gems online tool
They all have the same survey. Some sites offer you different software to install and offers great hacking options, but they all are aware and spyware tools. Or in general, would cause some sort of malware on your system. Most of such sites also got blocked and thus removed from the search terms on Google.

Now… You take your decision 

Hacking is a great art which one who has the passion can master by a step by step course, not by a few clicks on a random hacking website.
If you are crazy enough for looking down game gems for this game, go on a private server. This is what I recommend to most of this game addicts. In a private server, you gain everything from unlimited gems to max up for your base, but it will soon drive off interest from the game and that would be a completely different game. So the choice is all up to you.
And for those who still think that they can successfully hack this game: 

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Social Sample Paper for Class 10 - 2018

So, I thought about uploading some sample papers for the practise of social science board exam on this 22nd March.
Image result for social science written
Social Science

Firstly, Here is the sample paper for social science (class x) issued officially by CBSE.

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If I get enough viewers and followers, I'll upload more question papers soon.

All the best!

Saturday, 17 March 2018

What happened to my older posts?

Heya Folks!

So, I had my original blog that was hosted by a free hosting service since the past year. I wasn't filled up with all the important features that one requires but I still somehow managed to use it.

Some weeks ago, the free hosting feature of that site was removed. My blog was however given 30 days of free trial but i can't rely on that service. Plus, it came to and end a few days back.

So... yee! I'm back on blogger with a custom domain.

However, have a look at these two files:

The two files
I took a backup of the previous site and got these two downloaded. This seems good, right?

But, the main problem is how do I extact these files and find the exact database of all the text posts and upload them back!

I did some research and I got to know that a MySQL file can be fould in the first file which will have all the data for posts. It is a PHP file and can't be simply opened and data will appear, no... it is not really simple. 

However, I have all the images I want and I can located them and extract them whenever I want. Just images, nothing else.

The list of images... there are a lot more of them safe

So, It may take a while for me to learn those php my admin and server realted stuff so that I can get back my hardwork. ;)

Do you have any tips/suggestions? Please let me know in the comments!

Have a good day.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Designed a whole HTML website!

I finally did it!

I'm glad to share with you all, this little piece of work by me. It's no impressive but for me its a master art in itself. It is the first website that looks much professional and can be actually taken in use.

I used the languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript for designing this website. For a sample representation, I made to a sports club website.

I am a beginner and I want to learn it at the peak pace I can take. My love for coding, programming will always remain the same!

Hell yeah, I feel motivated.

Do tell me if you liked it! 

Friday, 1 August 2014

GTA - San Andreas Chill!

Played this game for few hours today.

I got a lot of cops - 5 starts and then? The train is the way to go!

Cops - You better be careful. lol

It is pure fun... sometimes even more than roaming around in a tank.

i love this game! I'll complete it one day and then show it off!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hour of code participation

I participated in an online program by code.org and here are my certificates: 

It was amusing as well as a source of great information and knowledge for me as a beginner in programming and coding. 

I like such programmes that are helping people learn to code and there are so many online resources nowadays that are even better than being thought offline. 

That's all for now!