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Saturday, 17 March 2018

What happened to my older posts?

Heya Folks!

So, I had my original blog that was hosted by a free hosting service since the past year. I wasn't filled up with all the important features that one requires but I still somehow managed to use it.

Some weeks ago, the free hosting feature of that site was removed. My blog was however given 30 days of free trial but i can't rely on that service. Plus, it came to and end a few days back.

So... yee! I'm back on blogger with a custom domain.

However, have a look at these two files:

The two files
I took a backup of the previous site and got these two downloaded. This seems good, right?

But, the main problem is how do I extact these files and find the exact database of all the text posts and upload them back!

I did some research and I got to know that a MySQL file can be fould in the first file which will have all the data for posts. It is a PHP file and can't be simply opened and data will appear, no... it is not really simple. 

However, I have all the images I want and I can located them and extract them whenever I want. Just images, nothing else.

The list of images... there are a lot more of them safe

So, It may take a while for me to learn those php my admin and server realted stuff so that I can get back my hardwork. ;)

Do you have any tips/suggestions? Please let me know in the comments!

Have a good day.

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