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About Me

Hello folks!

On this blog, I will share my adventures and experiences series with you all.

My name is Mudit Jhawar and I started this blog to convey my thoughts and ideas. I had several journals and diaries at the times, but I always lacked to maintain them. Finally, I decided that I will BLOG!

There are so many blogging tools and websites available online, and some are even better than Blogger, to be true. But this one someone impressed me to start sometime from complete scratch. 

The content I publish on this blog is mostly about me and the topics are those which comes to my mind when they have to. Generally, I consider myself to be a fervent observer and can describe things well in a detailed manner.

After a long time setting up the theme for this blog, I'm sure its read to be explored by the people, the way they want to!

I also enjoy puzzles

You can see more features and options in the sidebars of this blog. I put them for the good of user to customize the reading experience.
I like programming, sky watching, football, table tennis, playing chess, reading, and blogging, of course! 

I hope You all will enjoy reading my poems and if they sound good enough, be sure to give a G+1 on my posts and do share with your friends! It really helps for an individual to get popularity across the web. :)

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